Brad Pitt, the Hollywood mega-star who is filming his upcoming Formula 1 movie this weekend at the F1 British Grand Prix, dropped by.

Pitt, Lewis Hamilton, Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc were in a photo together posted to the Alpine driver’s social media.

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At Silverstone this year, there is an 11th garage for a fictional F1 team called APXGP.

Pitt, and his co-star Damson Idris, have their pictures on the wall as if they were genuine F1 drivers.

Even their car looks spectacular - it is an F2 car which Mercedes have helped to modify to make it resemble a latest-spec F1 machine.

Pitt will drive the car on the track at Silverstone this weekend for scenes that will appear in the as-yet-untitled movie.

Sky F1 presenter Bernie Collins, the former head of race strategy at Aston Martin, was even asked by the movie crew to analyse their fictional garage to ensure it looks genuine.