Wolff communicated with Hamilton on two separate occasions during last weekend’s race at the Red Bull Ring.

The second radio soundbite caught the headlines as Wolff appeared to be frustrated with Hamilton’s complaints about track limits and Mercedes’ lack of performance.

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Wolff said during the race to Hamilton: “The car is bad, we know. Please drive it.”

In an interview with Sky Sports on Friday at the British Grand Prix, Wolff was asked about his radio intervention, and explained why it happened. 

“A lot has been said about that comment. I tried to communicate with Lewis on something that only he would understand. It was between the team and him we knew what it was,” Wolff said.

“I rarely come on the radio so it wasn’t about telling a seven-time world champion to not get too distracted, it was something else.”

Hamilton has yet to sign a contract extension with Mercedes, with contract talks still ongoing.

On Thursday at Silverstone, Hamilton told his adoring fans that he could see himself staying in F1 for the next five years.

Wolff was asked about Hamilton’s claim, and the German thinks it’s a realistic possibility, citing Fernando Alonso’s longevity.

“You can see with Alonso,” he added. “If that was the case I think Lewis has another four years so that’s not so far away from what he’s said and I have no doubts that he can do that obviously with Mercedes. 

“In this day and age, sports - high performance athletes have found ways of extending their careers by living a decent life and doing all the right things.”